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The students had to carry out search on the telegraphs on the second floor of the museum in the room of the scientific instruments and on the first floor in the room of communication


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During Antiquity the transmission of visible signals had been imagined. The Greeks (4th century before J.C) and the Romans on lathes used torches and smoke in order to send messages according to definite codes. Only during the 18th century appears the telegraph, thanks to the Chappe brothers. Consequently, search of improvement continuing to improve the transmission of information. Thus, the optical telegraph was replaced by the electric telegraph.


Discover the evolution of the transmission of information. Click on the image of the telegraph of your choice.

The Chappe's optical telegraph

The electrics telegraphs
(Froment, Wheastone, Bréguet,
Morse, Hugues, Caselli)

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